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Tried Ivan Ramen last night, have to go back and try the a more traditional bowl but I enjoyed my cold lemon dashi Shio with roasted tomatoes and soft egg
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Toyofuku Curry Pan, Tokyo


I’m a big fan of curry pan, which is basically a Japanese deep-fried donut filled with beef curry. And one of the best places to eat them in Tokyo is at Toyofuku in Asakusa!

Much like their neighbor, Asakusa Menchi, Toyofuku is a small shop run by a family specializing in just this one…

This is just delicious


Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) as Loki
Created by Severin Schleps

Love this
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Haciendo historia!!!! #vamoscolombia #ahorabrazil

Ranking All 32 World Cup Jerseys from Worst to Best

Colombia is 2

ST. PETERSBURG—Russian presidentVladimir Putin was understandably pleased when his government signed a $400 billion deal this week to supply natural gas to China. With Russia’s economy weakening and tensions rising with Europe— Russia’s major energy customer—the deal showed the country could realign its economy to the east, with partners who don’t judge things like annexing neighboring nations. 
The deal is a vivid reminder that in Russia, energy equals power. Oil and natural gas wealth supported Putin’s rise to power, served as leverage to threaten neighbors, and made industry allies of multinational energy companies. But when North America experienced a boom in shale oil plays, fed by new technology such horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing of tight rock, prices dipped and Russia was weakened. 
So the question now is: Will Russia experience what one Russian energy department official here at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum called “the shale storm” and recapture some of its lost energy primacy? 

Can Russia Replicate America’s Energy Miracle?


Creature Andrew Zuckerman

"Andrew Zuckerman’s comprehensive photographic catalogue of the natural world began with the CREATURE project. Substituting his minimalist visual language for the conventions of traditional nature photography, Zuckerman extracted his subjects from their environments and recontextualized them in the clarifying white space to distill each animal to its most essential qualities. CREATURE is aesthetically rooted in the illustrative indexing of 19th century biologists and the dioramas of natural history museums, and shares their preservationist intent. In CREATURE, Zuckerman explores the notion of photography as taxidermy and the hyper-articulated images provide the viewer with intimate and vivid access to the animal kingdom, including a number of rare and endangered animals. Alongside scientific classifications for all of the species included in the project, the CREATURE collection provides a contemporary document of the animal kingdom at close range"

(Source: archatlas)


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Lego Lisa
Kuma and Puki